Social dancing
30th Anniversary Ball
30th Anniversary Ball
  • Reduced class fees
  • Membership of the RSCDS
  • A copy of the new book of dances when published by the RSCDS
  • Access to the winter teaching school in Pitlochry
A proportion of the fee goes to the RSCDS Headquarters, which in turn gives you the benefit of being part of a world wide organisation. As a member of the RSCDS you will receive a Membership Welcome pack; the current book of new dances; the Scottish Dancer that tells you what is happening around the world; and lots more. It also allows you to attend the annual winter teaching school in Pitlochry organised by the RSCDS; the Summer School in St. Andrews, also organised by the RSCDS, is available to dancers, members and non-members.
Branch Membership
Application/renewal for annual membership of the Tunbridge Wells Scottish Country Dancing branch.
Termly Membership
(Only applicable to branch members)
Application/renewal for termly class membership.
If you have any questions E-mail: